American Amuck: Dirt, Filth and Nausea in American Pastoral

AmericanPastoralThis essay was submitted (without the images) for NORAM4305-Literature and Society in the United States and Canada at University of Oslo, spring 2014.

The human stain was a recurring subject for Philip Roth long before it became the title of a book, and in American Pastoral, which preceded The Human Stain, it is one of several lead motifs. American Pastoral is a multifaceted book, but its main issue is assimilation into American society and how to become a part of the American Dream. Its lead character is Seymour Big SwedeLevov, a third-generation Jewish glovemaker and factory owner, who after a life of trying to assimilate by doing and being all the right things, finds himself as deep in the shit as a man can get, the real American crazy shit(Roth 277). Once one starts looking for it, it becomes apparent that the book is remarkably full of dirt, filth, vomit and stench.

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Essay on George F. Kennan

KennanThis is an essay submitted in the spring semester 2012 at the University of Oslo for the course NORAM2582 – America in the World.

Containment – What did Kennan mean?

As policy, containment was not practiced the way Kennan, the policy planner had envisioned it. His original vision is better understood if one keeps in mind the fact that Kennan was a sailboat captain. He was up for a long haul close to the wind. Fortsett å lese Essay on George F. Kennan